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  • To remove a product, place the cursor over the row that you wish to delete and click on the cross that appears.

  • To increase or reduce the quantity of a product, use the plus or minus buttons.
    The quantity can also be changed directly in the text box Q quantity. Click on the Update button afterwards to update the item.

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  • Any discount codes should be entered in the discount code field. Click on OK to update the amount.

  • The total amount is updated when a freight or payment method is selected that entails extra costs.

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  • Select the country that you live in, or alternatively that which you wish to have your goods delivered to.

  • Freight costs and payment alternatives may vary from country to country.

  • If the shop has more countries than those shown, the button to the far right displays the text “Other countries”.
    Click there if your country is not among the first four shown.
    To bring up the list containing other countries again, click on the country that you just selected.

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  • Select the payment method that you prefer.

  • Remember that payment methods vary depending on whether you are a business customer or a consumer; and depending on what country you have selected.

  • If you select card, invoice or direct payment, the alternatives for these are displayed to the right in the information box under the selected payment method.

Select freight method
  • Select the freight method that you prefer.

  • Hold the cursor over the freight method that you wish to select in order to see more information about it.

  • Remember that freight methods may vary depending on whether you are a business customer or a consumer; and depending on what country you have selected.

Customer details
  • Fill in your personal details here, and select whether you are a business customer or a consumer.
    The customer type you have selected appears after ”Customer details”.
    To change customer type , just click on the box in the top right corner.

  • If you have shopped with us previously you can retrieve your saved details by clicking on “Log in” and entering your e-mail address and your password.

  • If you are a new customer and wish to avoid having to enter your details next time, just click on ”Save my details”.

  • If you use Klarna or some other payment method with which you can retrieve your personal details, the field “Retrieve personal details automatically" will appear.
    Enter your national ID number/social security number and click on "Retrieve". Your details will now be retrieved from the public records database.

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  • When you have entered all of the details, please approve the terms and conditions where applicable, and then click on the button at the very bottom underneath the total amount.